Organic Aragvada Powder (Amaltas)


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*Amaltas or Aragvadha translates into that which helps to mitigate diseases. For centuries the plant has been popular as a detox for all ages. Aragvadha has a remarkable ability to draw deep-seated toxins from the skin and other tissues and funnel them into the gut for elimination. So it is known for being a gentle, but deep colon cleanser. Aragvadha is rich in antioxidants and promotes healthy sugar metabolism. It also can be used in the form of fermented liquids, teas, and herbal powders to improve skin health and assist in healing wounds.

*Benefits include supporting a healthy digestive system, gently purging inflammatory toxins, improves sugar balance in the body, helpful in soothing the skin to improve skin texture, promotes liver health, support detoxification of the body and also maintains normal water balance.

Suggested Use :1/2 to 1 teaspoon in powdered form, once or twice daily or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical Name – Cassia fistula
Family – Caesalpinioideae
English Name – Purging Cassia, Purging Fistula & Golden Shower

Aragvadha is a moderate-sized deciduous tree. It grows to a height of 20-35 feet. The bark is greenish-grey. When old, it turns to a slight red color. Leaves are alternate, up to 40 cm in length, pinnate, with 4 – 6 leaflet pairs. Flowers are bright yellow in color with 5 petals and 10 stamens. Fruits are cylindrical pods with length up to 45 cm and 2 – 3 cm in diameter. Seeds are flat, hard, smooth and discoid in shape.

Physical and chemical properties of Aragvadha
Taste – Sweet
Quality – Soft, heavy to digest, unctuous /Oily
Potency – Cold
Post Digestive effect – Sweet

Bhavaprakasha Hareetakyadi Varga
आरग्वधो गुरुः स्वादुः शीतलः स्रंसनोत्तमः |
ज्वरहृद्रोगपित्तास्रवातोदावर्तशूलनुत् ||१३२||
तत्फलं स्रंसनं रुच्यं कुष्ठपित्तकफापहम् |
ज्वरे तु सततं पथ्यं कोष्ठशुद्धिकरं परम् ||१३३||

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