Organic Anantmul Powder (Hemidesmus indicus)


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*In Sanskrit, Anantmul means long unending roots because the plant is a slender twining shrub that spreads its roots long distances under the ground. It is the roots of the plant that have an aromatic smell and have a calming effect on the gut and brain. Anantmul is an excellent tonic to drink during the summertime to beat the heat. It is used both for internal and external use. It can promote semen and sperm production in men and reproductive health in women. Anantmul is an excellent skin tonic and anti-aging herb.

*Benefits include relieving excess sweating, promoting healthy digestion, relieving toxins, promoting blood, sexual, and menstrual health.

Suggested Use: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in the powdered form twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical name - Hemidesmus Indicus
Family - Apocynaceae
English name - Indian Sarsaparilla

Morphology -
Anantmul is a slender twining or prostrate shrub, with wiry appearance. Leaves are opposite, petioles are short and variable, oblong to lanceolate. Leaves are pubescent beneath. Flowers are green outside and purple inside, crowded in subsessile axillary cymes; Corona scales 5, thick on corolla tube alternating with lobes; Follicles are thin, long, cylindrical, divaricate; Pods grow up to a length of 12 cm, narrowing at the apex. It flowers in cold months or post-autumn season. Flowering is followed by fruiting.

Physical and chemical properties of Anantmul - 
Taste – Sweet
Qualities – Heaviness, unctuousness
Post Digestive effect – Taste conversion after digestion is sweet
Potency – cold
Effect on Tridosha –Balances all the three Doshas 
Part used: Root

Bhavaprakasha Guduchyadi Varga:
सारिवायुगलं स्वादु स्निग्धं शुक्रकरं गुरु |
अग्निमान्द्यारुचिश्वासकासामविषनाशनम् |
दोषत्रयास्रप्रदरज्वरातीसारनाशनम् ||२०५||

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