Organic Kapi Kacchu Powder (Mucuna Pruriens)


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*Kapikacchu is a climbing plant that produces velvety pods that are soft to the touch and contain three to five seeds each. Kapikacchu herb is specifically helpful in rejuvenating and calming the nerves, so it makes an ideal brain tonic. It also supports the function of the reproductive system by stimulating vitality. It can increase one's sexual energy and strengthen the reproductive organs.

*Benefits include increasing energy, enhancing the intellect, calming the nerves, supports the gut nervous system, neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals, relieves spasm of involuntary muscle, and promotes sexual health.

Suggested Use: 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical Name – Mucuna pruriens
Family – Fabaceae
English Name – Cowhage; Cow itch; Velvet beans

The plant is an annual climbing shrub with long vines that can reach over 15 meters in length. When the plant is young, it is almost completely covered with fuzzy hairs, but when older, it is almost completely free of hairs. The leaves are tripinnate, ovate, reverse ovate, rhombus-shaped or widely ovate. The sides of the leaves are often heavily grooved and the tips are pointy. The stems of the leaflets are two to three millimeters long (approximately one-tenth of an inch). Additional adjacent leaves are present and are about 5 mm long.

Physical and chemical properties of Kapikacchu
Taste – Sweet; Bitter
Quality – Heavy to digest; Unctuous
Potency – Hot
Post Digestive effect – Sweet

Bhavaprakasha – Guduchyadi Varga
कपिकच्छूर्भृशं वृष्या मधुरा बृंहणी गुरुः |
तिक्ता वातहरी बल्या कफपित्तास्रनाशिनी |
तद्बीजं वातशमनं स्मृतं वाजीकरं परम् ||११३||

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