Organic Musta Powder (Cyperus Rotundus)


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*Musta can be easily found growing as a weed in gardens and take the appearance of grass. Its root system is black and is used for essential oils. Musta is the best herb to reduce heat from the gut, liver and lymphatic system. It also supports menstrual health in healthy women. In Chinese medicine as well this plant is a well known uterine tonic. Musta is a powerful herb for reducing inflammation as it removes inflammatory toxins by excreting them through urine.

*Benefits include supporting healthy liver function supports healthy menstrual cycle, promotes healthy metabolism, supports healthy skin, supports a healthy balance of body fluids, promotes healthy kidney functions, improves gut health, maintains normal water balance, promotes digestion, and helpful in maintaining normal body temperature.

Suggested Use: 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical Name – Cyperus rotundus
Family – Cyperaceae
English Names – Nut Grass, Purple nutsedge, Nutsedge, Java Grass, Coco grass

Musta can be seen growing as weed in garden, lawn, fields and waste lands. It looks like grass and have tuberous roots underground. It is a perennial plant. Its blackish tuberous roots have distinct smell due to presence of essential oil.

Bhavaprakasha Karpuradi Varga
मुस्तं कटु हिमं ग्राहि तिक्तं दीपनपाचनम् |
कषायं कफपित्तास्रतृड्ज्वरारुचिजन्तुहृत् ||७८||

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