The sunshine flooding in wakes you up from winter slumber to the vibrant blooms that drape the bareness of the trees. Spirits rise & delight and the lull of the winter are abandoned. Kiss of the tepid breeze and the chirping birds’ herald the arrival of spring, beauty, joy and love.

The Upanishads beautifully describe the connectedness of the cosmos and the human body; nature has enormous influence on us, the environment we live in affects our body as well as the mind.

Have you ever wondered why we suffer from hay fevers and seasonal allergies? Ancient sages of Ayurveda noticed that changing seasons bring about aggravation of the Doshas (bio-energies), the transition of the seasons alters our metabolism, tissue nourishment and immunity, making us susceptible to diseases. Ayurveda gives guidelines to adapt to the changing seasons, by implementing simple (do-it- yourself) measures that balance out Dosha aggression and protect the body from sickness, so that we can stay healthy and savor every passing season.


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