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Student Discount

Student Discount

To promote Ayurveda, we offer students of Ayurveda "student membership" assorted with a substantial discount. You may select the student membership "Student of Ayurveda" upon registration and we send you an e-mail requesting the information needed to confirm your membership. If you are already registered as a customer, simply log in, go to Account details and change your status under "sign up for membership".

You may also send us an e-mail at info@letsallbehealthy.com or give us a call at (323) 909-2981 to let us know the school and/or university you are attending to prepare for your degree in Ayurveda.

After review, we will let you know if your membership has been approved.

We welcome Ayurvedic content from students of Ayurveda. Please e-mail to info@letsallbehealthy.com


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