Healthy Habits

Healthy Hair Oil-1oz

Application of 8 -10 drops of this oil and gently massaging the scalp every day, nourishes the scalp, sense organs get nurtured and the mind calms down. Made from BRINGARAJ and NEELINI this oil soaks the hair follicles with essential nutrients.

Healthy Face Oil-0.50oz

4 – 5 drops of saffron rich oil, applied and massaged on the face. Other herbs in the oil tone the facial skin to enhance glow and prevent early wrinkles. It is advised to keep the oil for at least 15 minutes for enhance action.

Healthy Swish Oil-4oz:

Using 1 ½ - 2 tea spoons of the oil for stroking in the mouth (oil pulling) is highly beneficial for oral hygiene. Herbs in sesame oil base have the ability to increase salivary secretions, prevent gum diseases. Also help with proper drainage of the lymph. Its advisable to do this procedure for at least 5 minutes.

Healthy Gums powder-1oz:

A signature blend of therapeutic herbs and spices that stimulate the gums and protects it from harmful bacteria. Health of the teeth is enhanced due to good gums.

It is advised to use ½ tea spoon of the powder and gently rub the gums, both outside and inside. One can use index finger or brush. For best effects, leave the powder on the gum for minimum of 5 minutes

Healthy Face scrub-2oz:

Used as a scrub, where in 1 tea spoon of the powder is mixed with little water and made into a paste and the paste is then used to gently scrub the facial skin. Rose petal powder, Neem and MANJISHTA are some of the herbs in this great formula. These herbs can detox the skin, reduce skin damage.

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