Immunity Bundle

Chyavanaprash Lehyam-8oz: rejuvenates at the cellular and tissue levels. Chyavanaprash also provided the necessary immunity needed to relieve physical and mental stress, which are the prime cause of a variety of lifestyle disorders. Additionally, Chyavanaprash has anti-aging and nutritious qualities. The ingredients of Chyavanaprash are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties.

Dashamoola Haritaki Lehyam-8oz: is a group of 10 roots with potent lung and kidney rejuvenating action. Lehyam means herbal jam preparation. This potent traditional Ayurvedic product is extensively used for the welfare of the respiratory, vascular and urinary systems.

Get Well-100 capsules: when we are under the weather, we feel out of balance, and our energy dips significantly because our immune system is compromised. Our proprietary "Get well" formula strengthens and supports the body’s ability to fight back and enhance the immune response in the body against external pathogens.

Breathe Healthy-100 capsules: Our breath is the vital force that allows us to function. Optimal energy and performance depend on our breathing. Our proprietary blend of herbs in 'Breathe Healthy" enhances the breathing process by clearing congestion and opening air passages. Prana the vital force of the body becomes abundant with the clearance of the air passages.

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