Organic Bala Powder (Sida Cordifolia)


*Bala is known for its strength promoting properties, for that matter Bala in Sanskrit translates to strength. In classical Ayurvedic textbooks, Bala is an excellent tonic for muscles, joints, and bones. When concocted with milk and used externally in panchakarma treatments it can improve strength and mobility. A decoction made from Bala is used for relieving discomfort in the painful joint.

*Benefits include strengthening and promoting joint health, improving muscle tone, helping recovery from debilitating conditions, increasing joint lubrication, and bone health

External use only

Botanical Name - Sida Cordifolia
Family - Malvaceae
English Name - Flannel Weed, Country Mallow

Morphology -
Bala is an erect perennial that reaches 50 to 200 cm (20 to 79 in) tall, with the entire plant covered with soft white felt-like hair. The stems are yellow-green, hairy, long, and slender. The yellow-green leaves are oblong-ovate, covered with hair. The flowers are dark yellow, sometimes with a darker orange center, with a hairy 5-lobed calyx and 5-lobed corolla.

Physical and chemical properties of Atibala –
Taste: Sweet
Quality: Light, unctuous, sticky
Potency: Cold
Post Digestive Effect: Sweet

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