Organic Kantakari Powder (Solanum Xanthocarpum)


*Kantakari is derived from the word kanta meaning thorns and throat, and Kari translates into that which promotes. The entire plant of Kantakari contains active nutrients that support lung health. It is used to clear the throat for a better soothing voice. Kantakari is part of the nightshade family, similar to bell peppers. It distributes life force in an upward and downward direction. Kantakari is part of a ten herbal roots group named Dasahamoola and Mahanarayan Oil that is used in Ayurveda.

*Benefits include improving the respiratory system, promoting digestion, opening the chest, improving the breathing process, and maintaining normal body temperature.

Suggested Use: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical name: Solanum Xanthocarpum Sebr. & Wende.
Family: Solanaceae
English Name: Yellow Berried Nightshade

Kantakari is a prickly bright green colored perennial herb. The herb is woody at the base with numerous branches. The younger stems contain stellate tomentum, prickles cold-pressed, straight and yellow in color. Leaves grow up to 10 cm in length and 5 cm width. Leaves are ovate or elliptic, obtuse or subacute. Leaves are armed with yellow-colored sharp prickles on the midrib. Flowers are extra axillary. Peduncles and pedicles are short, covered and slightly hairy. Calyx grows up to 3 cm long. Fruits berry is 1.3 - 2 cm diameter, fleshy yellow or white in color with green veins, surrounded by calyx. Seeds are numerous, glabrous with 2.5 mm diameter.

Physical and chemical properties of Kantakari -
Taste - Bitter, pungent
Qualities - Light, dry, strong, piercing
Post Digestive Effect - Pungent, spicy
Potency - Hot
Effect on Dosha - Balances Kapha and Vata Dosha.

Bhavaprakasha – Guduchyadi Varga
कण्टकारी सरा तिक्ता कटुका दीपनी लघुः |
रूक्षोष्णा पाचनी कासश्वासज्वरकफानिलान् ||३५||
निहन्ति पीनसं श्वासपार्श्वपीडाहृदामयान् |
तयोः फलं कटु रसे पाके च कटुकं भवेत् |
शुक्रस्य रेचनं भेदि तिक्तं पित्ताग्निकृल्लघु ||३६||
हन्यात्कफमरुत्कण्डूकासमेदकृमिज्वरान् |
तद्वत्प्रोक्ता सिता क्षुद्रा विशेषाद्गर्भकारिणी ||३७||

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