Organic Vibhitaki Powder (Terminalia Bellerica)


*Vibhitaki is a fruit which is one of three fruits that are included in the Triphala formulation. It is known for its potent cleansing, detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Vibhitaki eliminates the excess fluids and mucus from the chest and clears congestion in the lungs, which can also be used for throat irritation and sourness. It is excellent for teeth and gum health. Additionally, vibhitaki contains heart stimulating active principles that help to keep the heart-healthy.

*Benefits include maintaining good tooth care, promoting eye health, rejuvenates cells, improves the health of the liver, kidney, and heart.

Suggested Use: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical name – Terminalia bellerica
Family – Combretaceae
English name - Belleric Myrobalan

Vibhitaki is a large deciduous tree, growing up to a height of 20 meters. It has green thick bark. The tree grows straight. Bark is often covered with numerous longitudinal cracks. Leaves are alternate, coriaceous, broadly elliptic, obovate or rounded. The leaves are glabrous and reticulate when old with entire margins. Petioles are up to 10 cm long, without glands at the apex. Leaves are grey-green in color and pale beneath.
Flowers pale greenish-yellow, with an offensive odor.Bracts linear; early caducous. Drupe has12-25 mm diameter, ovoid, grey. It is obscurely 5-angle d when dried.
Fruits: Epicarp has numerous unicellular pointed trichomes; mesocarp and endocarp are made of parenchymatous cells.

Bhavaprakasha – Haritakyadi Varga
बिभीतकं स्वादुपाकं कषायं कफपित्तनुत् |
उष्णवीर्यं हिमस्पर्शं भेदनं कासनाशनम् ||३४||
रूक्षं नेत्रहितं केश्यं कृमिवैस्वर्यनाशनम् |
बिभीतमज्जा तृट्छर्दिकफवातहरो लघुः |
कषायो मदकृच्चाथ धात्रीमज्जाऽपि तद्गुणः ||३५||

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