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Pita Bundle

Pitta – the biological fire humor, or ‘’bile’’ means ‘’that which digests things‘’ or that which “heats, cooks, or transforms.’’ It is the fire that digests the food we eat and gives our bodies warmth. Our internal fires determine our capacity to perceive reality, and our power to digest life experiences.

The second bodily humors present in the body, the primary elements of Pitta are Fire and water.

The qualities of Pitta include –

  1. Ushna -- Hot
  2. Snigdha – Oily
  3. Tikshna – Sharp
  4. Laghu – Light
  5. Visram – Fleshy
  6. Saram – Spread
  7. Drava – Liquid

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Chayavanaprash Lehyam-8oz:

Chyavanaprash rejuvenates at the cellular and tissue levels. Chyavanaprash also provided the necessary immunity needed to relieve physical and mental stress, which are the prime cause of a variety of lifestyle disorders. Additionally, Chyavanaprash has anti-aging and nutritious qualities. The ingredients of Chyavanaprash are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy Liver-90 capsules:

Healthy liver functions are vital for the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. Our proprietary blend "Healthy Liver" is bitter in taste and is considered as an excellent liver tonic.

Healthy Digestion-90 capsules:

The stomach receives all the food and liquids we intake and is considered a natural furnace that converts the food into nutrients for absorption. When the digestion becomes imbalanced due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and poor food habits it can lead to loss of appetite and a sluggish metabolism, and nausea. Our proprietary "Healthy Digestion" Capsule help in reinforcing and ignite the digestive fire

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