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Vata Bundle

Vata Description

Associated with the elements of air and space, Vata means ‘’wind’’ or ‘’that which moves things’’ and represents the force that governs biological function. It is the prime impetus of the nervous system, controlling both sensory and mental balance, mental adaptability and understanding. It is the basic life force and is enhanced by the consumption of pure, whole foods, the breathing of clean air, and by the connection with the Divine within, the deepest energizing force for the entire body.

The Qualities of Vata include –
  1. Ruksha – Dryness
  2. Laghu – Lightness
  3. Sheetah – Cold
  4. Khara -- Rough
  5. Sukshma – Subtle
  6. Chala - Mobile
  7. Vishada – Clear

 An imbalance of Vata dosha starts in the digestive system. It begins to create dryness within the fluids of the body, leading to destruction of the organs. Emotionally, they struggle with fear, worry, and anxiety, the more overwhelmed they become.

Ashwagandha Lehyam-8oz

It is a nerve tonic that boosts the immune system and is rich with anti-oxidants. It is recommended to be used before and after a vigorous exercise or a yoga session as it promotes muscle strength. It is also an ideal supplement to take while recovering from chronic illnesses as it helps to rejuvenate the tissues.

Healthy Colon-60 capsules:

Our proprietary blend of herbs in "Healthy Colon" allows for proper elimination and enables one to cleanse deeply, and tone.

Healthy Metabolism-60 capsules:

The three herbs combination is effective in reducing gut sensitivity and swelling. Absorption of essential nutrients and assimilation into the tissues is accelerated while taking this blend.

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