Organic Atibala Powder (Abutilon Indicum)


*Atibala is known as a strength promoting herb, for that matter Atibala in Sanskrit translates to very high in strength. Classical textbooks of Ayurveda mention that Atibala is an excellent tonic for bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments. When concocted with milk and used externally in panchakarma treatments it can improve strength and mobility. A decoction made from Atibala is used for painful joint for relieving discomfort.

*Benefits include strengthening and promoting joint health, improving muscle tone, helping recovery from debilitating conditions, increasing joint lubrication, and bone health

External use only

Botanical Name - Abutilon Indicum
Family - Malvaceae
English Name - Indian Mallow

Morphology -
Atibala is a medium-sized perennial shrub that grows up to 2 meters high. The plant is covered with tiny hairs. Leaves are alternate, cordate, and acute and vary in size. Flowers have 5 petals, yellowish in color. The fruit has 15-20 chambers, spirally arranged with seeds. Seeds are blackish-brown in color.

Physical and chemical properties of Atibala –
Taste: Sweet
Quality: Light, unctuous, oily
Potency: Cold
Post Digestive Effect: Sweet
Geographically grown: Throughout India and Sri Lanka
Useful parts: Seeds, leaves, bark, root
Harvesting time: Late Summer

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