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Loss of Hearing KAPHA and AMA PRAKOPA


Courtney Timms, an amazing student member of our community is presenting another fantastic case about a patient's complaint of acute total hearing loss in one ear of idiopathic origin that has not responded to medication, the patient or 'Rogi' in Sanskrit, is willing try anything to get his hearing back. Listen Here.



Kim Crome, a member of our community, is presenting an interesting case with a pre-diagnosed condition of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Although it is now being managed with medication, the patient or 'Rogi' in Sanskrit, is experiencing severe fatigue and weight issues. Listen Here.

Gulpha Sandhi Shoola and Mano Vikshoba


Namaste everyone. Welcome to another Athreya Ayurveda podcast for practitioners. I'm Vaidya Jay. Today we have Lisa Jacoby in our Podcast. Lisa has been there with us, and she started as a student at Southern California of Health Sciences. A 25-year-old female with Gulpha Shoola and manovikriti. She has a heel injury, pain, and stress in her mind. The chief complaint is the long-lasting heel pain, and she also came to me because she's very interested in how Ayurvedic medicine works and wants to help balance. Listen Here.

Anannabhilasha (Anorexia) & Udakavaha (Fluid Balance) Srotas


Namaste everyone. Welcome to another Athreya Ayurveda podcast for practitioners. We are here to support our Ayurvedic community and practitioners by discussing compelling cases from our community. I'm Vaidya Jay. Today Cheri Michel is back on our podcast by popular demand. This is a complicated case. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from this woman A 61-year-old female, 5'6” and 98 pounds. She has struggled with anorexia since the age of 14. A doctor had told her that she's going to be fat and it's her destiny. Listen Here.

Sandhivata with Sandhivishlesha


Namaste everyone. Welcome to another Athreya Ayurveda podcast for practitioners. We are here to support our Ayurvedic community and practitioners by discussing compelling cases from our community. I'm Vaidya Jay and we're here with Cheri on our podcast. She had a critical case a few weeks ago, and we have another strong case we learn with these cases. A 60-year-old female with chronic hip pain, Cheri started treating her using Ayurvedic treatments and Abhyanga massage with some herbal oils. Listen Here.




Namaste everyone, welcome to the Athreya Ayurveda podcast for practitioners. I welcome all our practitioner family, and we have an exciting case to discuss. The purpose of the podcast we do through Athreya herbs is to support our practitioners with different clinical case scenarios that our community brings in. I am, Vaidya Jaygopal Parla, Today in the podcast, I have Gemma Habibi, who is an enthusiastic Ayurvedic practitioner. Listen Here.


Vyadi Sankara


Namaste everyone, as you all know, this is an initiative through Athreya herbs to bring cases or case studies from our community to discuss and evaluate how we can improve our skills, especially critical thinking skills, clinical skills, and herbal prescription skills. My name is Vaidya Jay Parla. I am here with our dear practitioner Cheri Michelle, Namaste. Listen Here


Abhigata and Malabadata


Namaste, everyone. Welcome to another Athreya herbs practitioner podcast which is done for our community of Ayurvedic practitioners. In these podcasts, our group of Ayurvedic practitioners brings in different cases from our community.I’m Vaidya Jay Parla and we’re here with Lisa Jacoby on our podcast with an interesting case in which we all have to think about what can be done. A 49-year-old male with Malabadata and secondary Abhigata.He had a coccyx and sacrum injury, possibly a fracture caused by a snowboarding accident. Listen Here

Case Study


Namaste and welcome everyone to the Athreya herbs practitioner’s podcast. A genuine interest and effort are to support all the practitioners and discuss these cases, which our practitioner community brings in. We have Vaidya Jay Gopal Parla discussing these cases and giving practitioners some insights into these unique cases. Our goal is to strengthen Ayurvedic practice in the US with the limited resources we have. It is also to structure a program for various conditions that we come across, so today, we are excited to introduce you to Lisa Jacoby. She graduated from Southern California University of health sciences and finished the practitioner’s program to do extensive study for about 2000 hours with 350 hours of clinical training. Listen Here

Mahabadata with Vata Vikruti


Namaste everyone, welcome to the Athreya Family practitioner podcast series. We bring in cases from our community of practitioners. We talk about these cases in terms of a discussion where the practitioner and I would go through and see how we can improve our skills especially critical thinking skills, herb making skills, and diet and overall structuring program that is the purpose of these podcasts. Today I have Erica Harms back on our podcast- Case discussion. She is so generous to dedicate her time to come back here on our podcast, and she has some of the interesting cases that we try to dissect to see where we can help these patients. For those of you who do not know her, she is an Ayurvedic practitioner. Listen Here


Case Study

We are here to support our community of Ayurvedic practitioners with cases that we manage through Ayurvedic discussion and where we want to increase our critical thinking ability and become better practitioners. We have Dario who has been very generous in bringing his cases to discuss with us. He is a seasoned Ashtanga Yogi, he practices in Tijuana, Mexico. He’s been seeing patients and he has graduated as an Ayurvedic practitioner from an American University of complementary medicine. Listen Here

Case Study

Erica Case Study

We’re here to support and grow the practitioners in our own community so that we can become good in our practice and also get well informed on how to work with cases that are handled by our Ayurvedic community. I’m Vaidya Jay Parla and we’re here with Erica Harms Who has been on the practitioner case discussions podcast earlier too. She practices in Oregon, where she has a number of very interesting cases. She graduated as an Ayurvedic practitioner from southern California University of health sciences, she has been a long time follower of Ayurveda. Erica, I think it has been 10 to 12 years?Listen Here

Case Study

Naomi - Case study

Athreya family welcomes listeners to another case study podcast. Here at Athreya Herbs, we support Ayurvedic practitioners with these unique case studies which our community brings into discussions. We have with us the founder and director of Heal Ayurveda based in LA, Naomi Boas, a busy practitioner and a clinician at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She has been with us for quite some time and has very interesting cases. I am really proud of Naomi for the batch that she graduated from, where I teach as well. She is one of the successful practitioners out there in the Los Angeles area. Welcome, Naomi! Listen Here


Summer Podcast

This case study has been a part of our educational series where we provide case scenarios to our Ayurvedic practitioners to get in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic case management and look into diets, herbs, Panchkarma, and other aspects of wellbeing like yoga, breathing exercises, etc. Ayurvedic practitioners and professionals should feel confident while working with their clientele. Today we have Dario Ampudia from Tijuana who is a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner. Listen Here


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