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Our Wealthy Values

Athreya’s core values include superior quality,

consistency, and client satisfaction.

We hope to become a pioneer in Ayurveda

and educate the general public

with simple to use herbal formulations that are effective.

Over the last decade, Athreya family

has grown, and we have seen beautiful results

among clients using our products.

Our focus is on our clients,

and their satisfaction is our utmost importance.

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A Living Tradition

While the tradition of Ayurveda

is believed to be over 5 thousand years old,

it remains as relevant as ever—

each day individuals around the world experience

its timeless wisdom in their everyday lives.

Ayurveda stands for a philosophy who

se goal is to achieve health and longevity.

Literally, Ayurveda means “wisdom of life”

and it is a time-tested holistic system

that can be embraced by anyone.

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Athreya Green Detox

A Nutritious Ayurvedic Supplement for

Promoting Natural Toxin Removal & Gut Health

This powder promotes natural toxin removal as it penetrates deep into the tissues and organs. It also encourages the elimination of free radicals and pathogens, especially those in the gut.

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