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Our Dear Customers

I went to Vaidya Jay for uterine fibroids treatment and he prescribed me Kanchanar Guggulu to me. Have been taking this products for almost one year now. Before I used to be very constipated and bloated but since taking this products I have being so regular that I was forced to get used to being normal.


I've tried various brands of Shilajit and when I tried Athreya Herbs Shilajit, I was sold! The taste alone is very potent and the benefits that came with it were amazing! Highly recommend this product!


Amazing company! My go to sustainable and organic Ayurvedic herbal company.


"I’ve been taking Vaidya Jays' Triphala for 8 years now. And I feel It’s clearly the highest quality out there. All of dr Jays herbs are of the highest quality. I’m very grateful to have his knowledge and wisdom in my world. 🙏❤️"


Grateful I was recommended this formula of Chyavanaprash, it has been a great addition to my daily routine and I enjoy the taste. Been taking for 3 months and will continue!.


Our Health Values

Athreya’s core values are founded upon providing the highest quality of Ayurvedic herbs to our community, ensuring consistent efficacy, and safety with paramount importance for the health and well-being of our clients.

This inspired our compassionate vision of becoming pioneers in educating the general public about Ayurveda and DIY healing through our knowledge hub and effective, easy-to-use herbal formulas.

Over the last decade, the Athreya family has expanded as we witnessed more clients return with stunning results after using our products.

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Discover Balanced Health With Our Living Tradition

While the holistic system of Ayurveda is believed to be around 5 thousand years old, its healing practices remain relevant as anyone can embrace it. Meaning "wisdom of life", the core philosophy of Ayurveda is to achieve optimal health and longevity based on your physiological needs & the environment you live in. Making a difference in the lives of several individuals across the globe, its innate wisdom has become a quintessential element in their daily lives.

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Athreya Gives Back

Athreya Herbs is donating $1 to plant tress in village when you purchase $100 or more.

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Our 6 types of organically-grown millet are carefully selected and guaranteed to amp your health up in multiple ways.

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