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So grateful to have a company like this offering an amazing herb that is needed in the world today. We are all impacted by daily living in a way we haven't been in the last hundred years and so liver health has been critically affected, and while this herb is not a magic bullet, proper use and combination with other herbs yield great results.


What a gift to the world Athreya is(!) If you spend time helping people heal-- you will discover that Athreya is GOLD: the formulations and quality bring an exuberance of vitality like none other.


This herbal jam was recommended to me by my Ayurvedic doctor. I'm enjoying it very much. Feeling healthy and strong. Thank you very much.


I am obsessed with this face scrub. It leaves my skin ultra smooth, vibrant, and glowing. With no breakouts. I put it on first thing in the shower and wash it off towards the end.


Many blessings to the everyone at Athreya Herbs. From the farm to packaging. And thank for the conscious intentions that go into the growing. Every product including Bhumyamalaki, has had profound effects on my body. These products are divine and much love ♥️


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