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Our bodies generally do a good job of clearing harmful toxins and allergens, but we all need detoxification and cleansing from time to time. There are many different types of cleanses to detoxify our digestive systems, from juice cleanses to fasting, and each has its own benefits.

A traditional ayurvedic cleanse is called panchakarma. It takes three to four weeks and is usually customized to the needs of the individual by an ayurvedic practitioner.

You can do a simpler version of an ayurvedic cleanse at home that involves clean eating during the first and last phase and eating a kitchari mono diet in the middle phase. Kitchari is a traditional ayurvedic dish of basmati rice, split mung dahl beans, and ghee, along with ayurvedic detox herbs and spices. It supports your body’s natural ability to cleanse the blood and liver, and it’s easy on the digestive tract.

Here are the three phases of the herbal and detox cleanse:

Phase 1: Prepare

The first phase involves adopting a preliminary gut cleanse diet. In general, you should avoid meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol during the preparation stage and incorporate plenty of green vegetables, including leafy greens, which help cleanse your gut. Make sure to stay hydrated during this time. Water helps flush toxins from your body and helps your cells function optimally.

Phase 2: Cleanse

During the cleansing stage you’ll eat only kitchari, plus water and herbal detox teas. Incorporating yoga, meditation, and time outdoors during this period can help you deal with any emotions and cravings that may surface.

Phase 3: Rejuvenate

Much like phase 1, during the rejuvenation phase you’ll go back to clean eating. Slowly reintroduce foods, starting with steamed vegetables, followed by eggs and beans. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, meat, sugar, and processed foods during this last phase and continue using detox herbs and spices.

Perform a detoxifying cleanse at the beginning of the season or whenever you’re feeling sluggish. You choose the length of the cleanse. For a 6-day cleanse, you’ll do each phase for 2 days. For a 21-day cleanse, you’ll do each phase for 7 days.

Detox Herbs and Spices to Support Your Cleanse

Athreya Herbs offers a variety of high-quality detox herbs and spices and other detoxification products to support you in your cleanse.

We prioritize safety, quality, efficacy, and consistency in all our products, and we’re committed to integrity and transparency in our trading.


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