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Namaste everyone, as you all know, this is an initiative through Athreya herbs to bring cases or case studies from our community to discuss and evaluate how we can improve our skills, especially critical thinking skills, clinical skills, and herbal prescription skills. My name is Vaidya Jay Parla. I am here with our dear practitioner Cheri Michelle, Namaste. Listen Here


Abhigata and Malabadata


Namaste, everyone. Welcome to another Athreya herbs practitioner podcast which is done for our community of Ayurvedic practitioners. In these podcasts, our group of Ayurvedic practitioners brings in different cases from our community.I’m Vaidya Jay Parla and we’re here with Lisa Jacoby on our podcast with an interesting case in which we all have to think about what can be done. A 49-year-old male with Malabadata and secondary Abhigata.He had a coccyx and sacrum injury, possibly a fracture caused by a snowboarding accident. Listen Here


Ayurvedic point of view on Acid Reflux

Ayurvedic point of view on Acid Reflux

Ayurveda identifies Acid reflux disease as Amlapitta. It is a disease of the Annavaha Srotas (gastrointestinal system) that has been documented in numerous Ayurvedic scriptures. It is one of the most common diseases in today's society and is caused due to the Excessive intake of spicy, sour, pungent, oily, and junk food items. Therefore, a balance between Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas is essential to keep the Gut free from any kind of disharmony in digesting the food. Listen Here

Rejuvenation During Menopause

Barbara #3 Rejuvenation Duriong Menopause

Menopause is the time that marks the end of one's menstrual cycles. Every woman goes through this natural biological process. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of medicine, has some wonderful solutions to alleviate the distress felt by women entering this stage of their lives.Menopause is not mentioned as a disorder in classical Ayurvedic texts; understanding the causes and symptoms of menopause and applying some essential natural therapies to alleviate physical discomfort can help a woman age gracefully.Menopause also causes many changes to your skin. Today, we will discuss beauty during menopause Listen Here

Rasa: The Cascade of Nourishment & the First Dhatu

A man following Ayurvedic practice

Ayurveda identifies seven primary Dhatus responsible for the functioning of the organs and bringing the body into its physical form. These are the seven bodily tissues that keep you fit and moving, and govern the overall well-being. Once the food is digested, the nutrient-rich juice from the digested food, known as Ahara Rasa, travels through each of these seven Dhatus. Listen Here

Ayurveda and Menopause: Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle for Menopause Years and Beyond


There are two ways to deal with menopause. One can either enter the age of wisdom with frustration and despair or adopt a positive lifestyle. When it comes to Ayurveda and menopause, practitioners recommend taking the second route.Today, we will discuss the significance of integrating healthy routines to promote comfort, relaxation, and happiness during later years. Let’s have a look at post-menopause health tips that assist in facilitating wellness during this crucial period. Listen Here

Lisa Jacoby 1- Case Discussion


Namaste and welcome everyone to the Athreya herbs practitioner’s podcast. A genuine interest and effort are to support all the practitioners and discuss these cases, which our practitioner community brings in. We have Vaidya Jay Gopal Parla discussing these cases and giving practitioners some insights into these unique cases. Our goal is to strengthen Ayurvedic practice in the US with the limited resources we have. It is also to structure a program for various conditions that we come across, so today, we are excited to introduce you to Lisa Jacoby. She graduated from Southern California University of health sciences and finished the practitioner’s program to do extensive study for about 2000 hours with 350 hours of clinical training. Listen Here

Erica-3 Mahabadata with Vata Vikruti


Namaste everyone, welcome to the Athreya Family practitioner podcast series. We bring in cases from our community of practitioners. We talk about these cases in terms of a discussion where the practitioner and I would go through and see how we can improve our skills especially critical thinking skills, herb making skills, and diet and overall structuring program that is the purpose of these podcasts. Today I have Erica Harms back on our podcast- Case discussion. She is so generous to dedicate her time to come back here on our podcast, and she has some of the interesting cases that we try to dissect to see where we can help these patients. For those of you who do not know her, she is an Ayurvedic practitioner. Listen Here



We are here to support our community of Ayurvedic practitioners with cases that we manage through Ayurvedic discussion and where we want to increase our critical thinking ability and become better practitioners. We have Dario who has been very generous in bringing his cases to discuss with us. He is a seasoned Ashtanga Yogi, he practices in Tijuana, Mexico. He’s been seeing patients and he has graduated as an Ayurvedic practitioner from an American University of complementary medicine. Listen Here

Ama in Ayurveda: How to Eliminate Ama (Metabolic Toxin) & Maintain a Healthy Metabolic Function?

a man dealing with a headache

In Sanskrit, ama means toxin or undigested metabolic waste. It is an umbrella term for all sticky, slimy, aggravating, and toxic substances accumulated in the body. When our body’s metabolic efficiency is compromised, we create AMA. Its elimination is of the utmost importance. The stubborn nature of the AMA causes it to stick to the gastrointestinal tract, clogging arteries, seeping under the skin, and creeping upwards to the subtle channels of the mind.Listen Here

Taking Care of the Oral Health the Ayurvedic Way

oral health

You must have heard a great deal about the importance of oral hygiene for your dental health. But do you know that Ayurvedic practitioners believe your oral health is a window to your digestive health and psycho-emotional balance? Anything that comes across your senses has to be trusted by your oral cavity first. Whether you hear, smell, touch, or look at something, you don’t trust it unless it comes in contact with your oral cavity. For example, if you see a delicious food item, you’ll automatically try to smell it, pick it up to see how it feels in your hands, and shake to see if you can hear something. However, the doubt whether you should consume will remain until you put it in your mouth. If it tastes bitter, you’ll immediately spit it out and your trust in that item will be lost.Listen Here

Erica Case Study

Erica Case Study

We’re here to support and grow the practitioners in our own community so that we can become good in our practice and also get well informed on how to work with cases that are handled by our Ayurvedic community. I’m Vaidya Jay Parla and we’re here with Erica Harms Who has been on the practitioner case discussions podcast earlier too. She practices in Oregon, where she has a number of very interesting cases. She graduated as an Ayurvedic practitioner from southern California University of health sciences, she has been a long time follower of Ayurveda. Erica, I think it has been 10 to 12 years?Listen Here

Stress Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic

a man in a plaid shirt looking tensed

Stress management during the COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the most discussed topics. The public health crisis has taken a toll on people’s mental health. On one hand, people are experiencing fear and anxiety about the novel coronavirus and on the other hand, nationwide lockdown and social distancing have made them feel lonely and isolated. For these reasons, we have seen an upsurge in stress and anxiety cases. Listen Here

Naomi - Case study

Naomi - Case study

Athreya family welcomes listeners to another case study podcast. Here at Athreya Herbs, we support Ayurvedic practitioners with these unique case studies which our community brings into discussions. We have with us the founder and director of Heal Ayurveda based in LA, Naomi Boas, a busy practitioner and a clinician at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She has been with us for quite some time and has very interesting cases. I am really proud of Naomi for the batch that she graduated from, where I teach as well. She is one of the successful practitioners out there in the Los Angeles area. Welcome, Naomi! Listen Here

Digestive Fire ‘Agni’: All Concepts You Need to Know

 human digestive system

The word ‘Agni’ means fire in Sanskrit. You may be surprised to hear that the name of the Vedic god of fire in India is ‘Agni”. In Ayurveda, it refers to the digestive or metabolic fire in our body. This digestive fire is responsible for regulating body temperature, supporting the digestive process, absorbing and assimilating nutrients in the stomach, and converting food into energy. Hence, we can say that the characteristic of Agni determines your specific digestive capacity. Listen Here

Mental and Physical Well-being during Menopause Podcast

Summer Podcast

Today, we’ll discuss the physical and mental changes a woman goes through because of menopause in the light of Ayurvedic principles. Perhaps you already know that menopause marks the end of a woman’s periods, as the production of hormones estrogen and progesterone halts in the ovaries. It’s a natural process that usually happens after the age of 45. Listen Here

Unhealthy Air Quality Podcast

Summer Podcast

Portia - Namaste everyone I’m greeting you from a very smoky San Gabriel Valley. We have the Bobcat fire raging in the San Gabriel Mountains not too far from where I live. There are lots of fires happening up in northern California, Oregon as well as Washington State. We just wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones from all of this smoke inhalation and exposure due to all of these wildfires. Of course here to guide us through all of this is our resident and Ayurveda expert Vaidya Jay. Listen Here


Summer Podcast

This case study has been a part of our educational series where we provide case scenarios to our Ayurvedic practitioners to get in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic case management and look into diets, herbs, Panchkarma, and other aspects of wellbeing like yoga, breathing exercises, etc. Ayurvedic practitioners and professionals should feel confident while working with their clientele. Today we have Dario Ampudia from Tijuana who is a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner. Listen Here

Summer Podcast

Summer Podcast

Ayurveda believes that our body is part of the environment. The changes that occur in the environment are reciprocated in our body, and its function. Ignoring these changes and continuously leading a monotonous life can gradually lead to the weakness in organs, tissues and cells and therefore be more prone to imbalance. Listen Here

Sleep Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

In this podcast, Tiffany (Ayurvedic practitioner) and Vaidya. Jay Parla discuss one of an integral part of our daily routine, sleep. Just as food nourishes the body, sleep tends to nourish our mind, it rejuvenates and makes the entire body systems to reset after a tiring day. From an Ayurvedic point of view, a "deep sleep" is a healthy disconnect of the mind from the body, avoiding any sensation in that period. Lack of it can cause mind-body misalignment and affect our performance and everyday function. Listen Here

Immune System Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

In today’s podcast Vaidya Jay and Lilly discuss the functioning of the immune system and how Ayurveda perceives immunity and its correlation to the physical and psychological processes in our body. Immune system is a collective effort of the cells and organs in the body to fight an infection. It recognizes what is and isn’t a part of the body. The cells responsible for this function are the white blood cells which are divided into neutrophils, lymphocytes B-cells etc. Listen Here

Travel podcast - Part2

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

In the previous part of the travel podcast, we discussed ways to combat travel fatigue by recommending supplements, natural oils and exercises. In the second part of the travel podcast, we shall elaborate on Diet and a First-Aid kit to be carried while traveling. Listen Here

Dinacharya Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

Adopting a fixed daily routine nurtures your health and well-being and makes you more productive throughout the day. ‘Dina’ means Day and ‘Charya’ means routine or a group of habits. Dinacharya or daily routine is meant to enhance health and prevent diseases. It is essential in our daily lives to achieve good health and vitality. Listen Here

Colonoscopy Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

At a certain age, people become susceptible to colorectal diseases, which are caused by abnormalities of the colon or the rectal area. Colonoscopy is a procedure used to detect these changes or abnormalities in the large intestine (colon) and rectum. It is a preventive diagnostic technique done to diagnose and treat diseases of the rectum and colon.

The procedure depends on the preparation of the person who is undergoing it. Before the colonoscopy, the patient needs to prepare thoroughly by cleansing their colon and assuring that it does not have any sort of fecal material that is coating or sticking onto the surface of the colon. Listen Here

Winter Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

In winter, due to the dry and cold weather, our Dosha energies get disrupted. This leads to an imbalance between Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Through this podcast, Athreya Herbs aims to provide a balance between the Dosha energies in the winter season by suggesting winter health solutions and remedies.

The Vedic sages of Ayurveda were keen observers who noticed every small change that happened in their surroundings and reasoned why the change was taking place. They determined the outcome of this change on the human body & vegetation and contemplated the best ways to balance themselves. They documented all this information in the classical texts of Ayurveda called ‘Ritucharya’. Ritu means Seasons and Charya means Habits that enhance your adaptability to a specific season. Listen Here

Travel Podcast

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

The holiday season is approaching which brings along travel possibilities for us to visit our families in different parts of the globe or simply plan a vacation for ourselves! While traveling is a thrilling experience, it disrupts your daily routine and often pulls you across time zones.

As you travel by airplane, train, or car, your body moves faster than nature intended it to. This change of time and environment aggravates the Vata dosha which governs movement and leaves your body vulnerable to dehydration, sleep challenges, dryness, bad digestion, restless thoughts, spaciness, and jet lag. Athreya Herbs offers a number of natural, Ayurvedic remedies to help you enjoy the journey and avoid any discomfort caused while traveling. Listen Here

Fall Guide

Hormonology with Gabrielle Lichterman

The core principle of Ayurvedic healing states that any changes in the environment will have an impact on our bodies, minds, and emotions. The fall season is a period of transition, and we must support our bodies' need to stay in tune with nature’s intelligence. Ayurveda gives great importance to seasonal changes because it is the science that is built on circadian rhythms. Listen Here


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