What is knowledge if it cannot be kept? From probiotics, handy herbs, incompatible foods, and more to come, our comprehensive tabletop-worthy ebooks will give you an Ayurvedic understanding of key topics under health, diet, and lifestyle.


5 Powerful Gemstones To Empower Your Mind, Body & Soul


Under the right conditions, found in the deepest craters, caves, and subterranean parts of the planet, gemstones are one of nature’s mineral masterpieces.Uncover how each gemstone caters to and heals each of your doshas and chakras with a matching exuberance Download Now


5 Quintessential Aromas To Destress & Restore Balance


Each aromatic substance or ‘Sugandha’ has different healing effects on the dosha affecting one’s physical and mental state. By understanding the ‘sugandha’ needed and its properties, one can prevent negative emotions from standing in the way of a healthy mind, body, and life. Download Now


5 Common Yet Conflicting Food Combination To Avoid.


When we consume certain food, we often forget that our body and mind are not mutually exclusive. Their connection is so intricately intertwined that even the slightest physiological disturbance will reflect in our minds and sense organs. Download Now


23 Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Help You Go From Healthy to Healthier.


Among the plethora of herbal extracts, rasayanas, and mixes encapsulated in the class texts of Ayurveda, here are 23 carefully selected herbs that are as prominent as they are effective for anyone to consume as part of their regular diet or as an occasional health additive Download Now


6 Probiotic and Prebiotic Recipes For Your Gut Health.


Have you been actively looking for healthy recipes that help boost your digestion and keep your gut healthy? Here is an ebook filled with quick, easy, and exciting prebiotic and probiotic recipes, fun facts, and more. Download Now


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