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Healthy digestion is central to Ayurvedic medicine. Agni is the Sanskrit term for “digestive fire,” which breaks down the food and other things we consume. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that a good digestion process is at the root of good health and, conversely, that poor digestion causes ill health.

Today, the mainstream medical community is using science to prove the truth of this ancient wisdom—that digestive health is central to overall health.

Ayurveda uses herbs to improve digestion and recommends eating easy to digest foods that are best suited for your dosha. Doshas are life energies. They include: vata (air), pitta (fire/water), and kapha (water/earth). Take this test to learn your dosha.

Herbal plants have their own agni (digestive fire). Through photosynthesis, herbaceous plants take in light from the sun and transform it into the nutrients they need to thrive. By consuming herbs, you can further support our own agni.

Herbs for digestion can be soothing or stimulating. Knowing your dosha type can help guide you in choosing the right herbs to support your digestion. For example, stimulating herbs like ginger root are good for people with vata dosha. Cooling and soothing herbs, like mint and lemongrass, are ideal for pitta dosha. Pungent and stimulating herbs, like sage and holy basil, are best suited for people with kapha dosha.

Athreya Herbs for Healthy Digestion

Athreya Herbs offers a variety of high-quality, ethically sourced individual herbs and herbal formulas, including Healthy Agni, with cumin, ginger, and long pepper, and Healthy Digestion, with fennel, coriander, and licorice.

We prioritize safety, quality, efficacy, and consistency in all our products, and we’re committed to integrity and transparency in our trading.

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