Travel tips for a comfortable and convenient journey - Part 2

In the previous part of the travel podcast, we discussed ways to combat travel fatigue by recommending supplements, natural oils and exercises. In the second part of the travel podcast, we shall elaborate on Diet and a First-Aid kit to be carried while traveling.

Whenever we visit a new country, we want to experience the new food in that region so we end up eating street food. In such cases, maintaining a good metabolism and ensuring digestion becomes necessary.

Seeds are saviors of digestion and metabolism boost. Spiced seeds that have a large amount of volatile oil in them like Cumin, Fennel and Ajwain seeds are powerful in order to control and inhibit abnormal gut bacterial changes, especially the bacteria or gut flora that proliferates out of control when it is hot and humid.

While traveling it is important to ensure that you are only consuming cooked food and avoiding raw food as eating raw food puts a challenge on your gut to break down because it is harder to digest causing your metabolism to diminish.

One should also make sure that the food doesn’t contain any kind of pathogen that can disrupt the gut health

Jeeraka or Cumin seeds help to digest anything that our gut is not used to.

Fennel seeds are good for increasing gut motility and prevent the excessive acid formation in the stomach which commonly happens when you’re traveling and trying out new food. Fennel seeds and Cumin are essential to eating after the meals by chewing on them and swallowing them.

Dill seeds help to absorb nutrients from food. In the flight, when you sit continuously, the Vata energy tends to increase and gets stuck inside the lower back, spine, muscles in the spine. Dill seeds help to relax the spine and muscles of the back.

Ajwain is a strong spice that is also pungent in taste which is why only about a quarter teaspoon of Ajwain seeds should be consumed. Their spicy taste can reduce the toxins that get formed due to the travel stress that the gut is going through. They are capable of preventing the formation of these metabolic toxins which are called Ama in Ayurveda or indigested material that is the root cause of all kinds of gut diseases.

Proportion of Seeds: One part of cumin, one part of Fennel, one part of Dill but half a part of Ajwain seeds can be mixed and combined together. After mixing, take half or 1 tsp of the mix.

In some foreign countries like Thailand and India, the weather is extremely humid and hot causing sweating and dehydration in the body. In such weather, it is not appropriate to drink hot fluids. Coconut water is preferred as it is rich with electrolytes.

Alcohol causes extreme dehydration so, one should consume more hydrating fluids like coconut water after consuming alcohol.

Before the journey begins, our mind goes from having excited thoughts to getting travel anxiety of being on the plane for long hours and falling sick. In such cases, it is important to have a reality check and keep the mind calm.

Instead of talking during meals, take a quiet moment to space yourself from all the thrill and excitement. This will give you a tremendous amount of gratitude, satisfaction and keep you grounded. It deeply impacts your inner peace. Be grateful to the place you’re visiting and mother earth that provides us with the beauty and experiences.

First-Aid Kit

To treat Diarrhea, half a tsp or 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds can be taken followed by drinking some yogurt over it.


Many places like Thailand have a severe Mosquito issue. To ward off mosquito bites, Vitex which is also called Nirgundi paste can be applied all over the body on the external skin that is exposed to mosquitoes before taking a shower. Neem spray is another supplement that is helpful in preventing mosquito bites. However, if you sweat or go underwater, the coat of these herbs on the skin will be automatically wiped off.

One can also add ‘Get Well capsules’ in the first-aid kit. If you have a tendency to catch a cold or sinus when exposed to humid and polluted air, use a cloth or a nasal mask to avoid and prevent the irritation. Apart from that, one can also resort to teas like ginger tea, milk tea, or lemon balm tea which are beneficial in opening up the nasal passages. Nasal drops also known as Anu thailam drops can be added in the first-aid kit to avoid congestion in the nasal passages.

Following a proper diet and preparing for emergencies by carrying an Ayurveda First-Aid Kit can promise a smoother and more pleasant traveling experience. These Ayurveda suggestions also help to overcome jet lag and retain energy in the body.

Please consult your Ayurvedic practitioner or primary health-care provider before you take any of these supplements and make sure that they are suitable for you. We, at Athreya Herbs, want to support families and communities to lead a long and healthy life by promoting the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.


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