DIY Fall Detox

9 Ayurvedic Herbal Mixes, 3 Healing Phases, Trifold Of Healing Benefits.

Phase 1 - Week 1:

Purpose: Deep-seated Detoxification

The first phase involves purging toxins from your system both internally and externally.

Intermediate Detox - Athreya Green Detox-4oz / 113.4 gms:

Green detox uses a potent blend of dandelion greens for detoxing the liver; moringa & Amalaki for supplying antioxidants and supporting eye health, papaya leaves for immunity and stimulating gut health and its associated enzymes, chlorella & spirulina for facilitating better blood, and 'prana'(life force) flow and turmeric to stimulate better natural anti-inflammatory responses.

How to consume: Take 2 tablespoons with 10 ounces of water on an empty stomach first in the morning every day. Ensure that it is mixed or shaken well.

Internal Detox - Triphala Capsules-120Capsules:

Triphala boasts the triple-herb powers of Vibhitaki for cleansing the upper GI tract and balancing the Kapha dosha, Amalaki for clearing the middle-GI tract and clearing excess Pitta, and Haritaki for decluttering the lower-GI tract and detoxing the body of excess Vata.

How to consume: Take 2 in the morning, 2 at noon, and 2 at night after your daily meals.

Outer Detox - Healthy Skin Capsules -120Capsules:

Using the herbal goodness of neem, Amalaki, and Guggulu, it effectively detoxes, tightens, and clears the skin, scalp, and nails, from toxins clogged in its pores and cells.

How to consume: Take 2 in the morning, noon, and night after meals daily.

Phase 2 - Week 2:

Purpose: Optimization Of The Body’s Metabolism

After the detox phase, the next line of herbal healers helps nurture and recalibrate your metabolism so you deal with stress better and are at your best in terms of energy sustenance.

Healthy Digestion- 120Capsules:

This pre-digestive packs the herbal ammo of Andrographis for balancing out the gut secretions, Bhunimba for liver tonic-like effects, and licorice for strengthening and healing the gut lining.

How to consume: Take 1 pill before breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week.


To keep your gut health running smoothly, this herbal concoction carries the benefits of coriander & cardamom for Pitta dosha balance like taming your digestive fire or 'Agni'; fennel & cumin to placate the body’s Vata dosha and turmeric for balancing the body’s Kapha dosha.

How to consume: Take 1 teaspoon with hot water 3 times a day after your meals daily. Alternatively, it can be drunk at any 3 times of the day.

Healthy Metabolism- 120Capsules:

This post-digestive uses the plant-powered metabolic managers of musta for gut motility and Vidanga for balancing your gut bacteria and supporting the microbiome.

How to consume: Take 2 pills in the morning, noon, and night after your everyday meals.

Overall Revival - Turmeric-120Capsules:

This renowned golden gift of nature for our health will help keep you energized, nourished, protected from inflammation, and glowing after detoxification and during the metabolic augmenting phase.

How to consume: Take 2 capsules in the morning, noon, and night with warm water or milk after your meals, every day. Turmeric is known as the golden spice with some potent anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and may help with joint discomfort.

💡Vaidya Jay’s Diet Tip: During this phase consume light and wholesome foods such as millets, steamed rice with veggies, stews, broths, soups, or even Vietnamese pho. Avoid spicy food, red meat, and oily food during this period as it can overload your body and disrupt the effects of the herbal remedies.

Why not try Athreya’s Rainbow Millet Casserole for lunch?

Phase 3 - Week 3:

Purpose: For Powerful Rejuvenation

Energy Booster-5oz / 141.8 gms:

With the ability to naturally fend off fatigue, this uses Kapikacchu (or mucuna) for energy and brain health, Shatavari for lymph health, flow, and energy equilibrium, as well as white Musli root for vigor and vitality.

How to consume: Take 2 teaspoons with half a cup of hot water, milk, or plant-based milk before breakfast and dinner every day.


Rewiring how your body copes with occasional stress, ashwagandha’s adaptogenic properties will energize your cells, insulate your immunity from toxins, improve your general functions from digestion to sleep, and keep your hormonal regulators (adrenal & thyroid) in line.

How to consume: Take 2 in the morning, noon, and night after your daily meals.

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