Healthy Mind


*To maintain health and wellness of the body one must have a healthy mind. Having a calm mind that is able to flow through life effortlessly, focused and feeling a sense of connection is vital. Our proprietary "Healthy Mind" blend helps in maintaining a clear mind, and in dealing with a stressful situations.

*Benefits include strengthening the mind, reduces fear and anxiety.

Suggested Use: 1 - 2 capsules, once or twice daily or use as directed by your health practitioner.

PASSION FLOWER: Passiflora Incarnata
ELA (Cardamom): Elettaria Cardamomum
SHANKAPUSHPI (English Speedwheel): Evolvulus Alsinoides
HARIDRA (Turmeric): Curcuma Longa
GUDUCHI (Heart-leaved Moonseed): Tinospora Cordifolia
YASHTIMADHU (Licorice): Glycyrrhiza Glabra
ASHWAGANDHA (Winter Cherry): Withania Somnifera
KAPIKACCHU (Velvet Bean): Mucuna Pruriens
BRAHMI (Water Hyssop): Bacopa Monnieri

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