Organic Coriander Whole Seeds

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Botanical Name – Coriandrum sativum
Family – Umbelliferae
English Names – Coriander seeds; Cilantro Seeds

Coriander is an annual soft shrub that attains a height of 1 to 3 feet. Leaves are in a basal cluster vary from 3 to 15 cm in length and are oblong to ovate in shape. Leaflets are 1 to 2 cm in length and are ovate to round. The flower is of white color which can vary from light purple to creamish in color. The fruit is round in shape bearing the color that varies from yellow to brown. It is tripped and gets divided into two then crushed with fingers. The plant flowers and fruits in late winter.

Physical and chemical properties of Coriander
Taste – Astringent, Bitter
Quality – Light; Unctuous; Oily
Potency – Hot
Post Digestive effect – Sweet

Bhavaprakasha Hareetakyadi Varga
धान्यकं तुवरं स्निग्धमवृष्यं मूत्रलं लघु |
तिक्तं कटूष्णवीर्यञ्च दीपनं पाचनं स्मृतम् ||७८||
ज्वरघ्नं रोचकं ग्राहि स्वादुपाकि त्रिदोषनुत् |
तृष्णादाहवमिश्वासकासकार्श्यक्रिमिप्रणुत् |
आर्द्रन्तु तद्गुणं स्वादु विशेषात्पित्तनाशि तत् ||७९||

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