Ayurvedic Cuisine Series: Mexican Cuisine (Part 6)

Athreya family members, foodies & health enthusiasts out there! We at Athreya Herbs are all about spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda, empowering people, and most of all promoting a long healthy life. Athreya Herb’s is proud to present a delicious spread of episodes through our Ayurvedic Cuisine series which ventures through the various cuisines that make up the eclectic culinary landscape of the USA with an Ayurvedic interpretation of each. Inspired by the edible diversity we have at our disposal, which has influenced, improved, and in some ways hindered the habit of maintaining healthy diets and eating patterns. When spoilt for choice, it becomes hard to maintain a stable diet without giving in to cravings.

Hosted by Vaidya Jay, Ayurvedic practitioner, teacher, and professor of Ayurvedic medicine in Southern California, and his co-host, Elena, an Ayurvedic practitioner and graduate assistant at the Southern California University of Health Science.

Tune in to this series to embrace our vibrant cultural melting pot, adopt healthy hacks to have the world on your plate, keep your diet clean, and promote longevity without missing a step in your busy, everyday lives.


February 02, 2024 | 37 minutes 19 seconds
By Vaidya. Jay Parla

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