Besides its spiritual connotations, neurophysiological studies discovered that the vibrational frequencies of chanting Sanskrit mantras, or listening to them have healing effects on our cognitive function such as establishing relaxation & composure as an emotional baseline, improving concentration, inspiring a positive mindset, and bolstering mental resilience.

Tune in & find out for yourself with Vaidya Jay.

*For Practitioners

Ayurvedic slokas


Listen to Vaidya Jay chant Ayurvedic slokas and herbal hymns complete with the meaning behind their elusively calming verses between 6 am to 7 am.

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*For Everyone

Body Mind Soul

vaidya jay

Let everyone be happy. Let everyone see auspiciousness in everything.Peace for my body.Peace in my mind.Peace always surrounding my soul. Listen Here.

Dhanvantari Gayathri


For instilling faith, hope, empathy, and loving vibes for oneself, those around them, and the world.

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Dhanvantari Dhyaanam


For deep contemplation, introspection, and meditation that may encourage better mental focus and memory. Listen to Vaidya Jay chanting its verses and feel free to chant along.

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