Karpasastyadi Thailam


*Karpasastyadi Thailam translates as herbal oil made with herbs cooked in cottonseed oil. It is extensively used to promote joint and muscle strength and flexibility. It warms and provides nourishment to joints when the oil is applied externally. This oil contains cottonseed as the main ingredient. This oil has very high transdermal absorption, when used on the neck as Greeva Basti oil it reduces discomfort and increases flexibility.

*Benefits include promoting nerve strength, useful to activate muscles, tendons, and ligaments improves blood circulation and reduces stiffness, useful in strengthening neck, lower back, knee, and hip joints.

Suggested Use: Massaging the oil on a daily or weekly basis or use as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

KARPASA: Gossypium Harbaccum
BALA: Sida Cardifolia
MASHA: Phaseolus Mungo
DEVADARU: Cedrus Deodara
SARSHAPA: Brassica Alba
SHUNTI: Zinziber Officinalis
MISHREYA: Anethum Graveolens
CHAVIKA: Piper Mullesua
GAJA PIPPALI: Piper Attenuatm
SHIGRU: Moringa Oleifera
PUNARANAVA: Boerhavia Diffusa
TILA TAILA: Sesame Oil

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