Balashwagandhadi Thailam


*Balaswagandhadi thailam is made up of two powerful herbs. The herb Bala which is a nerve strengthening herb and is especially beneficial when used in herbal oil form. Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng is another powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. It is primarily used to improve joint strength, nerves, and muscles. This combination of herbs makes it anti-inflammatory and strength promoting oil that will enhance mainly the muscle strength, and joint stability.

*Benefits include improving flexibility, bone strength, stress relief, and sleep support.

Suggested Use: Massage the oil on a daily or weekly basis or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

BALA: Sida Cordifolia
ASHWAGANDHA: Withania Somnifera
MANJISHTA: Rubia Cardifolia
DURVA: Cynadon Dactylon
YASHTIMADHU: Glycyrrhiza Glabra
KASTURI HARIDRA: Curcuma Zedoria
ANANTMUL: Hemidesmus Indicus
USHIRA: Vetivera Zizanoides
MUSTA: Cyperus Tuberosus
ACHALKAAT: Dysoxylum Malabaricum
DEVADARU: Cedrus Deodara
HARIDRA: Curcuma Longa
KUMUDA: Niamphaea Nouchali
CHAVYA: Piper Auranticum
MISHREYA: Anethum Graveolens
KAMALA: Nelumbium Speciosum
TILA TAILA: Sesame Oil Base

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