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*A woman’s health is significantly influenced by her monthly cycles, it can impact her mind, body, and spirit. The herbs in "Healthy Women" capsules support women’s wellbeing with a focus on her reproductive health. Our proprietary formula works at multiple tissues and maintains healthy lymph and blood flow. Thereby promoting comfort during the menstrual cycle, tone up the womb (uterus) to support every requirement of a healthy cycle.

*Benefits include natural cleansing of the female reproductive organs, addressing menstrual discomfort, irritability, uneasiness and the retention of fluids, reduces breakouts and helps to improve complexion.

Suggested Use: 1 - 2 capsules, once or twice daily or use as directed by your health practitioner.

ASHOKA: Saraca Indica
AMALAKI (Indian Gooseberry): Embelia Officinalis
BHUMIAMALAKI (Stone Breaker): Phyllanthus Niruri
DONG QUAI (Angelica): Angelica Sinensis
MUSTA (Nut Grass): Cyperus Rotundus
KHADIRA (Cutch): Acacia Catechu

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