According to neuroscience, our sense of smell is said to be intricately intertwined with several essential functions such as survival (detecting danger & pheromones to attract a mate for procreation), memory retention & retrieval, and emotional regulation.

In Ayurveda, aromatic substances re called ‘Sugandha’ which directly influence various processes in our body and mind including the function of our doshas (body energies), and prana (life force) through our senses organs. ribe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

According to Ayurveda and its various traditional folklore, herbal history, crosscultural connections, and contemporary research studies, the potency of aromas is said to have a remedial ability on various unhealthy states of mind.

Each aromatic substance or ‘Sugandha’ has different healing effects on the dosha affecting one’s physical and mental state. By understanding the ‘sugandha’ needed and its properties, one can prevent negative emotions from standing in the way of a healthy mind, body, and life.


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