Guggulu Tiktaka Gritham


*Guggulu Tiktaka Ghritham is advised in skincare as it is a powerful blood purifying combination. Its action is to clear deep-seated toxins from skin, blood, bones and nerve tissues. It has excellent liver detoxifying qualities and abilities to rejuvenate the respiratory system. The base of it contains ghee (clarified butter), which helps to balance out the body and carry the qualities of the herb into deeper tissues.

*Benefits include promoting joint health, bone health, maintaining hormonal balance, calming the inflamed parts of the body, supports cellular digestion and metabolism, healing of skin sores, and rashes.

Suggested Use: One teaspoon, 1 to 2 times a day, before food or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

NIMBA: Azadirachta Indica

GUDUCHI: Tinospora Cordifolia

VASA: Adathoda Vasica

PATOLA: Trichosanthes Cucumeriana

PIPPALI: Solanum Melongena

PATA: Cyclea Palteta

VIDANGA: Embelia Ribes

DEVADARU: Cedrus Deodara

GAJA PIPPALI: Pothos Officinalis

SHUNTI: Zinziber Officinalis

HARIDRA: Curcuma Longa

AJAMODA: Anethum Graveolens

CHAVYA: Piper Attenuatum

GRITHAM: Cows Ghee

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