Healthy Eyelash & Brow Serum

All-Natural Ayurvedic Serum For Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth & Nourishment

  • Heal, soothe, and detox the eyes and lids.
  • Nourish & strengthen the eyelash and brow roots.
  • Stimulate & sustain growth while promoting volume.
  • Purge & protect from toxins which reduces inflammation.
  • Has potential anti-aging effects.
  • Hydrates & locks in moisture while boosting circulation.
  • Can benefit all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

Benefits & Features

  • Heal, soothe, and detox the eyes and lids.
  • Nourish & strengthen the eyelash and brow roots.
  • Stimulate & sustain growth while promoting volume.
  • Purge & protect from toxins which reduces inflammation.
  • Has potential anti-aging effects.
  • Hydrates & locks in moisture while boosting circulation.
  • Can benefit all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

Suggested Use

Gently apply the serum to clean lashes and brows every night. Begin at the root and then sweep up the tips of the lashes, while lightly brushing the brows.  Use your fingers to massage any of the excess serum on the eyelids, corners, and under-eye areas.

*Our serum is composed of natural and hypoallergenic ingredients.
*It may help soothe eye strain that comes from wearing contacts.
*Anyone can use our serum but do consult a physician or vaidya (Ayurvedic practitioner) before the use of this product if you have any pre-existing eye disorders, sensitive eyes or skin, allergies, medical condition, are pregnant, nursing, or are on medication.
*For external use only. Do not use it if the seal is broken. Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.



What Does Ayurveda Say About the Benefits of Lash & Brow Serum for Eye Health & Rejuvenation?

Based on the traditional eye and hair growth remedies in Ayurveda, our serum uses the botanical powers of classic Ayurvedic herbs for the natural lengthening, thickening, and conditioning of your eyelashes and brows. Athreya’s proprietary blend of Jasmine, Gotu kola, Bacopa, and False daisy oils give this lash and brow-enhancing growth serum the delicate healing drive needed to ease inflammation, nourish & lubricate your brow bed and eyelash nodes, enhance circulation, and facilitate growth.

What’s Inside the Lash & Brow Serum?

Our star herbs of Jasmine oil reduce oxidative stress and cool the eyes, while Gotu Kola oil creates a stable, strong, and sustainable bed for lash and brow growth. The nutraceutical nourisher of Bacopa oil enhances the volume and luster of the eyelashes & brows, while Ayurveda’s hair growth hero, False daisy oil helps clear up any hair growth impediments and hydrates the region.

With the added benefits of Indigo for enriching the natural color of lashes and brows, Neem for boosting eye and skin immunity, Turmeric for reducing inflammation while giving your eyes & skin a golden touch, and Manjistha for ironing out aging effects. 

Lastly, this Ayurvedic face oil also contains organic Sesame & Castor as carrier oils. It enhances the bioavailability of these powerful herbal oils and absorbs their synergetic action to boost effectiveness.

Together, this herbal blend creates an equilibrium among all three doshas. Regular use ensures that you get healthy eyelashes and brow growth while maintaining clear, beautiful eyes.

Which Natural Phytonutrients Are Found in the Lash & Brow Serum?

The Eyelash & Brow Serum contains different parts of each Ayurvedic herb (i.e., seeds, roots, stems, and flowers). Due to this, it has a unique biochemical composition. Its most important bioactive compounds include eugenol, isoflavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, and flavonoids. Collectively, they reduce oxidative stress, enrich the eyes, renew skin cells, promote natural growth, and ensure overall rejuvenation of the region. They also have antioxidant properties that support healthy aging and the natural elimination of unwanted environmental elements.

Why Should You Choose Lash & Brow Serum for Eyelash & Brow Growth & Nourishment?

Composed of 23 ingredients using herbal oils and extracts, the Eyelash & Brow serum uses ethically harvested ingredients of Jasmine, Gotu kola, Bacopa, and False daisy which grow in the wild on the Western Ghats of South India, which are known to carry special nutraceutical antioxidants that benefit the eyes and skin. The serum’s key ingredients of Jasmine, Brahmi, and Indigo are traditionally prepared based on the herbal guidelines of classic Ayurvedic texts - Sharangadhara Samhita from the 12th  century AD, Ashtanga Sangraha from the 4th century AD, and Sahasrayogam from the 18th century AD, respectively. Our serum is concocted with a precise ratio of floral and herbal ingredients which are then suspended for infusion in organic Castor oil to extract and preserve all their bioactive compounds.

How Do We Make Our Lash & Brow Serum?

Our Ayurvedic experts use Castor and Sesame oil as the base oils for the production of Eyelash & Brow Serum. The next step includes the heating phase of our herbal decoction, extracts, and oil. We warm this mixture until all the water from the decoction evaporates. The presence of Castor & Sesame oil helps us create and retain the potency of fat and water-soluble active ingredients.

Our experienced team makes small batches of this herbal serum to ensure freshness and enhance its effectiveness. 

We collaborate with organic and conventional farmers to cultivate these herbal ingredients or ethically wild harvest from them. They work under our supervision and use substantial Ayurvedic practices. These farmers do not use any toxic chemicals or pesticides during the harvest and processing.

Apart from this, our Ayurvedic experts (Vaidyas, traditionally trained in India) carefully select herbal ingredients while formulating this all-natural blend. They make this possible by only choosing ethically wild-crafted and active ingredients. Such careful sourcing enhances the quality of the ingredients and the benefits of the Eyelash & Brow Serum.

With the promise of plant purity, throughout our process, all ingredients are wild-crafted and ethically sourced from India and the final products are processed in the USA. Our serum is manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts. 

Our experienced professionals only use the purest natural form of whole herb products. We also ensure that there are no traces of any fillers, excipients, herbal extracts, binding agents, or added chemicals in the supplement. It allows us to provide you with whole foods and traditional Ayurveda products.

Besides this, all the supplements go through strict third-party quality assurance and lab tests for purity and traces of heavy metals before shipment. It’s only here that you’ll find Ayurvedic supplementation that helps enrich your body with strength, vitality, and optimal health.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients - Jasmine (Jati) Jasminum grandiflorum, Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) Indian pennywort, Diamond flower (Parpataka) Oldenlandia corymbosa, Pasture Weed leaves (Toya Apamarga) Cyathula prostrata, (Pashanabheda) Aerva ianata, Neem leaf (Nimba) Azadirachta indica, Horseshoe vitex leaf (Nirgundi) Vitex negundo, (Manjistha) Rubia cordifolia, Turmeric root (Haridra) Curcuma longa, Indian beech root (Karanja) Pongamia pinnata, Indigo plant (Neelini) Indigofera arrecta, False daisy plant (Bringharaj) Eclipta alba, Balloon vine plant (Karna Spota) Cardiospermum halicacabum, Amla fruit (Amalaki) Embelica officinalis, Licorice root (Yashtimadhu) Glycyrrhiza glabra, Cow’s milk (Lactus), Rosary Pea fruit (Gunja) Abrus precatorius, Water hyssop leaf (Brahmi) Bacopa monnieri, Heart-leaved Moonseed stem (Guduchi) Tinospora cordifolia, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit (Haritaki) Terminalia chebula, Belleric Myrobalan fruit (Vibhitaki) Terminalia bellerica, Sesame seed Oil (Tila Thailam) Sesame indicum, Castor Oil (Eranda Thailam) Ricinus communis L.

Classically Curated Ayurvedic Herbal Serum

The Ayurvedic Properties of Lash & Brow Serum

  • Part used – Flower, Seeds, Roots, Stem, Bark
  • Quality (Guna) – Mildly heavy but penetrating
  • Potency (Veerya)– Neutral to slightly warm
  • Action on Doshas – Balances all the doshas

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