Organic Ajwain Powder

An Aromatic Ayurvedic Spice for Optimal Gut Health & Complete Digestive Rejuvenation

  • Ajwain powder is a beneficial Ayurvedic supplement for gut health and colon health
  • Its rich nutrient content helps maintain healthy gut bacteria and gut immunity
  • It aids digestion by promoting fat metabolism and healthy bowel movements
  • It helps sustain optimal weight by supporting your healthy diet plans and fitness regime
  • Benefits of Ajwain include respiratory health support and joint support

    Benefits & Features

    • Ajwain powder is a beneficial Ayurvedic supplement for gut health and colon health
    • Its rich nutrient content helps maintain healthy gut bacteria and gut immunity
    • It aids digestion by promoting fat metabolism and healthy bowel movements
    • It helps sustain optimal weight by supporting your healthy diet plans and fitness regime
    • Benefits of Ajwain include respiratory health support and joint support

      Suggested Use

      • Take  ½ -1 teaspoon with one cup of warm water. Drink as a tea once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. 
      • Please consult your physician prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, or nursing, or on medication, or have a medical condition. 
      • Do not use it if the seal is broken. Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.


      What Does Ayurveda Say About the Benefits of Ajwain Powder as a Supplement for Gut Health and Healthy Digestion?

      Ajwain holds a vital position in Ayurveda for thousands of years, both as a culinary ingredient and an Ayurvedic gut rejuvenator. Its natural bitterness and pungency are an essential part of its numerous health benefits. Due to these characteristics, many ancient scriptures categorize it as a natural and cleanser of our body toxins. By keeping this in mind, we formulate a unique herbal supplement for gut health and colon support.

      Our traditional experts use proper Ayurvedic methods and techniques to enhance the benefits of Ajwain. The most prominent of which is the maintenance of gut flora by providing it with the required nourishment and supporting the healthy elimination of metabolic toxins. Likewise, it has a similar effect on other vital body organs. It helps encourage our body’s natural immune response against occasional environmental elements (specifically those that cause disruptions and stomach upset).

      Other benefits of Ajwain and its cleansing action include colon health, kidney health, and respiratory health. It promotes healthy bowel movements and clear breathing, respectively.

      Apart from this, Ajwain serves as a natural digestive aid by rekindling the digestive fire and assisting healthy fat metabolism. Not only does good digestion help sustain your strength, but it supports optimal weight management too. You can enhance these health benefits with the help of well-balanced meal plans and regular exercise.

      As a complete Ayurvedic rejuvenator, it actively supports joint flexibility and movement. It is made possible by its rejuvenating effects on our bone health and density. Additionally, Ajwain’s high nutrient content boosts hair growth and helps retain its natural radiance.

      Collectively, all these health benefits make this herbal supplement an effective digestive aid while simultaneously supporting cell regeneration and healthy aging.

      This Ayurvedic spice and its bitterness pacifies Vata and Kapha levels when they become excessive. It also boosts Pitta dosha occasionally without causing any aggravation.

      Athreya leverages the benefits of Ajwain by combining it with other herbs. With it we make many more nourishing herbal powders and whole food capsules.

      Which Natural Phytonutrients Are Found in Ajwain Powder?

      All the benefits of Ajwain are due to its rich phytochemical composition. Its seeds and fruits contain saponins, tannins, flavones, glycosides, fibers, etc. They also serve as minor natural sources for vitamin C and vitamin B-complex, both of which aid digestion by providing essential enrichment to our vital organs and tissues.

      Besides this, we can associate this plant’s antioxidant property with these active components. Due to which it efficiently supports healthy aging and gut health. Their presence promotes healthy removal of toxins. It helps maintain natural gut flora. The combination of these ingredients aid digestion and healthy colon functioning.

      Why Should You Choose Ajwain Powder as a Supplement for Gut Health & Colon Health?

      Athreya Ajwain Powder is an Ayurvedic supplement for gut health. It supports the body’s natural cleansing action by promoting the elimination of toxins accumulating in the GI tract and digestive system. Its bioactive compounds nourish and revitalize vital parts of the body (i.e. lungs, kidney, and joints). As a natural digestive aid, it encourages optimal weight management when you adopt healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Other benefits of Ajwain include healthy aging through rejuvenated hair health and growth.

      Ajwain is a highly potent seed from a tiny plant which belongs to the same family as Cilantro. It is a delicate seed that requires utmost care and attention during cultivation and harvesting. We collaborate with farmers living in dry regions of Central India. These locations are ideal for the growth of Ajwain plants. They help retain its potency and concentrate its active principles. The essential oil present inside Ajwain is the main ingredient. Extended exposure to heat and sunlight will affect its potency. Hence, we ensure that farmers take care while cultivating and harvesting Ajwain to preserve its essential oil potency. Also, we grind freshly harvested Ajwain in small batches to maintain its effectiveness and strength.

      We source fresh ingredients, cultivated in the ideal topographical environment. Such careful sourcing increases the quality of the ingredients, retains potency and concentration of its active principles. That way, we manage to boost the effectiveness of our Ajwain powder.

      Our expert practitioners (Ayurvedic Vaidyas classically trained in India) have selected only ethically wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients for this herbal supplement. And, our substantially grown ingredients come from organic farms. That way, we ensure that our farmers do not use pesticides or toxic chemicals during harvest or processing.

      While we source ingredients from India, we process the product in the USA. We can guarantee that you get access to whole foods and traditional products. And, our herbal supplements go through multiple third-party quality assurance checks before they reach your doorstep. We offer only the best for your health and wellbeing.

      Supplement Facts

      Serving size - ½ - 1 teaspoon

      Ingredients - Carom seeds (Ajwain) Trachyspermum ammi+

      +Certified Organic Ingredients

      This product is organically grown and harvested in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP).

      This item is gluten-free, soy-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and preservative-free. It contains no animal by-products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts. It is also a third-party laboratory tested for purity from heavy-metal levels.

      Plant Morphology

      Botanical Name – Trachyspermum ammi

      Family – Apiaceae

      English Name – Carom Seeds, Ajowan Caraway, and Bishop’s Weed

      Plant Morphology

      Yavani or Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) is an annual herb plant native to India apart from other regions. It measures up to 3 feet and grows narrow green leaves. Ajwain flowers are small and delicate. They bear small fruit pods that people commonly confuse with seeds due to their seed-like appearance.

      These fruits come in an oval shape with ridges. They resemble the seeds of plant-cousins, namely cumin, fennel, and caraway. Their color varies from yellowish-brown to greyish-green. They are bitter in taste and have a strong pungent aroma.

      Certified Organic and ethically wildcrafted herbal powder

      The Ayurvedic Properties of Organic Ajwain Powder

      • Part used – Seeds
      • Taste (Rasa) –  Bitter, Pungent
      • Quality (Guna) – Light, Dry, Sharp
      • Potency (Veerya) – Warming
      • Post Digestive Effect (Vipaka) – Pungent
      • Action on Doshas – Balances all doshas (may aggravate Vata when taken in excess) 



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