Organic Arjuna Powder (Terminalia Arjuna)


*The bark of the Arjuna tree is considered the ultimate concoction for strengthing the heart. The appearance of the bark has a striking resemblance to the heart muscle - white on the outside and pinkish-red on the inside. The similarity of the inner pinkish-red bark to the heart muscle makes Arjuna unique in strengthening the heart muscle and thereby supporting the cardiovascular system. Arjuna's ability to help with the blood flow makes it a well-known heart tonifying herb. Ultimately this wonderful gift of nature can increase your endurance and heart health. The outer bark that resembles the white bone is good for building the bone. Nutrients and minerals found in the bark help to develop and strengthen the bones. In ancient times, this herb was used for wound care and was known mainly for rejuvenating the chest region.

*Benefits include strengthening the circulatory system, maintaining healthy fat metabolism, normalizing blood flow, and building and strengthening bone.

Suggested Use: 1/2-1 teaspoon in powdered form or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical Name – Terminalia Arjuna
Family – Combretaceae
English Names – Arjuna, Arjun Tree

Arjuna is a deciduous riparian tree and it can grow up to a height of about 20 to 27 meters. Leaves are 10–15 cm long, and 4–7 cm broad; the base is rounded or heart-shaped. The fruit is a fibrous-woody drupe, about 2.5–5 cm in size. It is dark brown when mature and has five hard, projecting, veined wings
. Flowering occurs from May to June, while fruits mature from January to March.

Physical and chemical properties of Arjuna – 
Taste – Astringent
Quality – Light, dry
Potency – Cold
Post Digestive effect – Pungent

Bhavaprakasha – Vatadi Varga
ककुभोऽर्जुननामाख्यो नदीसर्जश्च कीर्तितः |
इन्द्रद्रुर्वीरवृक्षश्च वीरश्च धवलः स्मृतः ||२३||
ककुभः शीतलो हृद्यः क्षतक्षयविषास्रजित् |
मेदोमेहव्रणान् हन्ति तुवरः कफपित्तहृत् ||२४||

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