Organic Neem Leaf Powder (Azadirachta Indica)


*The young neem leaves are reddish to purple and mature leaves are dark green. It is these leaves that are traditionally grounded into a fine powder that has allowed Asian cultures to heal many health disparities. In rural parts of India Neem is a common household tree and is revered for it's immune supporting qualities. It protects people from many types of skin manifestations that spread quickly and result in eruptions. Neem is also an excellent blood purifier and liver stimulant.

*Benefits include soothing the skin, improving skin texture, supports digestive health, boosts the immune function, improves joint flexibility, helps in wound healing, supports healthy gums and teeth, and respiratory health.

Suggested Use: 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Botanical Name – Azadirachta indica
Family – Meliaceae
English Name – Margosa tree

Morphology – Neem is an evergreen tree and is the fastest growing tree that reaches upto 15 -20 mt and old trees may reach up to 30-40 mts. Branches are long, wide and spreading and has dense roundish crown. Trunk of the tree is short and straight about 1 – 2mt in diameter. Simple and opposite leaves are about 3 – 8 cm long; young leaves of the plant are reddish to purple in color and mature leaves are dark green in color. Flowers are small, white colored and fragrant. Olive like drupe fruit is oval to round in shape, smooth and immature fruits are green in color. After ripening color of fruit changes to yellow with pulp and seed inside.

Physical and chemical properties of Neem –
Taste – Bitter; Astringent
Quality – Light to digest; Dry
Potency – Cold
Post Digestive effect – Pungent

Neem leaves -
निम्बपत्रं स्मृतं नेत्र्यं कृमिपित्तविषप्रणुत् ||८३||
वातलं कटुपाकञ्च सर्वारोचककुष्ठनुत् |

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