Shatavari Gritham


*Shatavari Ghritham is used for improving the reproductive health in both men and women; especially women. This classically prepared herbal ghee is useful for soothing the stomach, intestinal mucosa, and for promoting overall wellbeing. It is prepared with ghee (clarified butter) base, which helps to balance the body. It is commonly used in preparatory procedure for panchakarma.

*Benefits include calming effect over urinary system, eases the process of urination, contains anti-inflammatory elements, menstrual care in women for hormonal imbalances, maintain healthy libido in women, supports kidney and urinary bladder function, rich in antioxidants, and improving emotional balance.

Suggested Use : One teaspoon, one to two times a day, before food or as advised by health practitioner.

SHATAVARI: Asparagus Recemosus
GOKSHURA: Tribulus Terrestris
COW'S MILK: Lactus
VIDARIKANDA: ipomea paniculata
DRAKSHA: Vitis Vinifera
YASHTIMADHU: Glycyrrhiza Glabra
MUSTA: Cyperus Tuberosus
KOSHATAKI: cucumis sativus
ELA: Eletteria Cardomum
SHILAJIT: Asphaltum Punjabinum
PIPPALI: Piper Longum
DHATAKI: Ionidium Saffruiticosum
PARPATA: Alternanthera Sesilis
MUSTAKA: Cyperus Tuberosus
SHARKARA: Saccrum Officinarum
GRITHAM: Cows Ghee

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