Shilajit Powder


*Shilajit is a resin that is found in the Himalayan mountain range. As the mountains formed millions of years ago dense trees and forests have been compressed into the rocks. In the summertime, the mineral-rich resin can be extracted. This ancient ayurvedic ingredient has been used for increasing energy and carrying nutrients to the cells of the body. It is known as the destroyer of weakness because it provides one with high energy.

*Benefits include increasing sexual energy, promotes healthy muscles, relieves stress, promotes memory, a natural antioxidant, promotes a robust immune system, a detoxifier, maintains a healthy weight, and improves skin quality.

Suggested Use: 1/16 to 1 1/8 teaspoon in powder form, once or twice daily, or use as directed by your health practitioner.

Physico-chemical properties of Shilajit:
Taste – Pungent, bitter Qualities – hot, Yogavahi – acts as a catalyst for other herbal ingredients to deliver swift therapeutic action. After digestion taste transformation – pungent Potency – hot Effect on Tridosha - Shilajit balances all the three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Bhavaprakasha – Dhatu Upadhatu Varga
शिलाजं कटु तिक्तोष्णं कटुपाकं रसायनम् |
छेदि योगवहं हन्ति कफमेदोश्मशर्कराः ||७१||
मूत्रकृच्छ्रं क्षयं श्वासं वातार्शांसि च पाण्डुताम् |
अपस्मारं तथोन्मादं शोथकुष्ठोदरकृमीन् ||७२||
(सौवर्णं राजतं ताम्रमायसं तच्चतुर्विधम्) |
सौवर्णं तु जपापुष्पवर्णं भवति तद्रसात् |
मधुरं कटु तिक्तं च शीतलं कटुपाकि च ||७३||
राजतं पाण्डुरं शीतं कटुकं स्वादुपाकि च |
ताम्रं मयूरकण्ठाभं तीक्ष्णमुष्णं च जायते ||७४||
लौहं जटायुपक्षाभं सत्तिक्तं लवणं भवेत् |
विपाके कटुकं शीतं सर्वश्रेष्ठमुदाहृतम् ||७५||

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