Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Athreya/letsallbehealthy ( serves the patients of ayurvedic practitioners with the best quality products that are sourced from reliable manufacturers. All of our products are picked, tested and chosen by ayurvedic practitioners we work with. Each and every day, we focus on customer care and satisfaction.

Established practitioners have suggested and continue to suggest our products to their patients. That is why we have developed an affiliate program so they can benefit as well. Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to be compensated simply by inviting your patients and customers to the website. To get started, please fill in the application form below. We will review your application and if it matches our criteria then you'll be emailed an affiliate username and password. By following the directions in the email you can then access your affiliate account online and choose from a range of banners, texts and graphics to use.

When you have signed up and placed one or more adverts on your web site, web page, newsletter or blog and when people click on the link, graphic or banner you have chosen they are re-directed to our web site. At the same time, a special piece of information (a "cookie") is set up automatically for that customer so that if that person orders from us, we can identify that the sale came from you! Once they have completed the purchase we then credit the commission to your affiliate account.


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