When our minds are Healthy, we feel uplifted.

Healthy Mind helps alleviate stress in the mind
and promotes a mental state of peace and positivity.

Ultimately, Healthy Mind is a combination of herbs that is meant to promote longevity and help us cultivate an internal landscape of peaceful thoughts

Healthy Mind consists of the following Western and Eastern herbs:
Ashwagandha: to improve mind function and reduce the negative effect of stress on the mind
Kapikacchu: a natural source of L-Dopa that is meant for improving the mind’s health and well-being
Turmeric: a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that removes all the waste material that prevents the mind from healthy functioning
Gotu kola: to help promote intellect and discriminate between good and bad so that the mind can make a clear decision
Shankapushpi: to tonify one’s recollection of positive memories and help move the mind towards a state of health and well-being
Licorice: a sweet herb that helps make our thoughts mellow
Scullcap: a Western herb that helps support a calm mind and helps reduce unnecessary reactivity of the mind
Passion flower: an amazing herb that comes from Western herbalism that helps support a calm and mellow mind

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