Chanting Email

Chanting Email

June 27, 2023

The peaceful rhythm of a flowing river. The exhilarating crescendo of classical music. And, finally the distressing rumble of traffic.

It’s no secret that each type of sound influences our mind, mood, and behavior in more ways than we realize.

And therein lies the vibrational power of chanting!

Several cultures around the world have adapted their linguistic version of chanting mantras intended to align the body & mind with their consciousness, connect with the universe, and find a moment of peace amidst the chaos & stress of their daily lives. Based on a linguistic study, the vibrations produced by Sanskrit mantras emit some of the most positive vibrations and can help promote relaxation in different areas of the brain.

Here’s what studies have discovered about the power of listening or chanting Sanskrit mantras.

1. Calm Your Cognition

Even if one doesn’t follow any faith, cognitive studies show that just listening to mantras chanted can stimulate Delta brainwaves - the slowest recorded type of brainwave produced when a person experiences the best sleep or in-depth mental relaxation. When these brain waves persist, they help sharpen our memory, improve mental resilience, and induce deeper sleep.

2. Balance Your Body

For decades, the melodious mystery behind Sanskrit mantras has astounded scientists. At a fundamental level, studies evidenced that its soundwaves have a healing effect on animals & plants, besides humans. And what’s the one thing they all share? They’re all composed mostly of water. Based on other studies, a Japanese scientist demonstrated how water molecules responded to different verbal vibrations, they either became beautiful or disturbed structures upon exposure. Among those, chanting mantras transformed the water molecule into a microscopic marvel. Imagine its vast, positive impact on our body’s water molecules.

3. Find Your Focus

Considered an embodiment of universal healing in Ayurveda, studies support that the vibrations emitted from Sanskrit mantra chants have a grounding effect on the mind, which helps you slow down, achieve unwavering concentration, and live in the moment.

4. Redirect Your Train Of Thought

Neurophysiological studies have shown that chants may have psychotherapeutic effects ranging from a calmer heart to a relaxed breathing rate. This, in turn, has positive effects that help elevate our emotional baseline to a more tranquil state and curb negative self-talk.

5. Recharge With Chanting

Practicing chanting helps exercise, clear, and tone the vocal cords, facial lymph nodes, and sinuses. The timbre of each note stimulates vibrations that can help subdue stress, improve energy levels, relax your muscles & mind, and mellow mood swings based on the mantra’s rhythm.

Beginners can start with a simple “OM” and stretch out the chant until they feel its vibrations reverberate through their face & body.

How To Tap Into These Benefits?

Listening to chants can be beneficial for anyone, anywhere.

-Playing chants out loud at home allows positive vibrations to circulate & alter the area’s aura.

-Listening to it while working or studying can help you concentrate better.

-Keeping chants in your ear while exercising can stabilize your brainwaves & heart rate which helps boost endurance.

-Tuning into it while doing your chores or driving can keep you motivated and tackle the underlying stress of these activities.

-Flood your evenings with the soothing sound waves of chants while meditating, doing yoga, or taking a bath for immersive relaxation.

Now that you know about the healing power of mantra chanting, you might wonder what they even are. Think of them as ancient affirmations, hymns narrating tales, or singing praise, all brimming with profound philosophical & symbolic nuances.

Skeptical? Test it out by giving your ears & mind a tranquilizing treat with Vaidya Jay’s chants.

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