5 Natural Solutions for Joint Pain

October 30, 2019

middle aged woman suffering from knee pain

Joint pain can be miserable, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks and even get out of bed in the morning. During winter joint pain can start to flare up—especially for people who struggle with arthritis.

Thankfully, there are soothing activities and natural joint support supplements that can help ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions.

You don’t have to suffer through another cold season with joint pain. Here are some tips for alleviating pain and improving your bone and joint health—naturally.

1. Change Your Diet

The ayurvedic diet can help soothe joint pain and reduce inflammation. In ayurvedic medicine, everyone has a main dosha, or life energy. The three doshas are vata (air/space), pitta (fire/water), kapha (water/earth).

When you eat according to your dosha, you can help balance your system and reduce inflammation and pain. Here’s a snapshot of some foods that are appropriate for each dosha:

Vata (air/space)

Pitta (fire/water)

Kapha (water/earth)


Hot peppers





Hot cereals



Raw nuts


Basmati rice

Ripe fruits

Egg whites

Warm skim milk


Even if you can’t always eat according to your dosha, try to eat foods that are warm and easy to digest. Avoid raw foods that are hard on the digestive system.

2. Get Physical

You might think exercise is off limits if you have joint problems, but it’s how you move your body that really matters. Gentle yoga is one of the best forms of ayurvedic exercise for people with joint problems.

The fluid movements and gentle stretching involved in yoga can help reduce inflammation and provide a sense of tranquility. It can also help reduce physical pain, boost your energy, and reduce stress levels. 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your body. If you struggle with arthritis or joint pain, not getting enough sleep can make the pain even worse. Yet, it can be hard to get enough sleep if you’re suffering with joint pain.

There are some things you can do to improve your overall sleep routine and to help you get a more restful night, including:

  • Going to sleep at the same time each night
  • Going to bed early and getting up early
  • Taking a warm bath before bed
  • Practicing meditation before bed to calm the body and mind
  • Avoiding naps during the day

Spa with towels and candle

4. Applying Heat and Cold

Applying heat and cold to painful, sore joints can help relieve symptoms. Try using a cold compress to reduce inflammation, especially before bed. Use a hot compress to reduce stiffness on waking in the morning. The warm temperatures and moist air of a sauna may also help.

5. Supplements for Healthy Joints and Muscles

Certain herbal supplements, including willow bark, turmeric, and ginger, have anti-inflammatory properties—and less inflammation means less pain and stiffness. Taking daily herbal supplements known to support joint health is a good part of an overall joint health strategy.

Athreya Herbs offers a collection of high-quality herbal products. Our Healthy Joints supplement is formulated with ethically sourced, quality ingredients, including turmeric, galangal, and Himalayan cedar to support joint health.

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