About Doshas

About Doshas

August 11, 2023

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You might be fidgety yet creative, ambitious yet intense, lazy yet upbeat, or a combination of two or more of them.

What could be called one of the most ancient personality tests, is a time-tested health assessment tool for Ayurvedic practitioners (vaidyas) to understand our bodies better in relation to extrinsic natural elements such as seasonal changes, geography, and environmental factors as well as intrinsic elements through our diet, lifestyle habits, and tendencies of our body & mind.

On that note, Athreya Herbs’ gives you a simple snapshot of the following:

“What Are Doshas?”

Deeply connected to the elements & energies of nature, 'dosha' in a literal sense means 'something unstable'. Our bodies akin to that of planet Earth are believed to possess all the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Space divided into the 3 Major Doshas for optimal self-regulation:


-'Vata' or Wind coupled with Space


-'Pitta' or Fire paired in balance with Water


-'Kapha' or Water combined with Earth

This means that the health of any living creature or even the planet, hinges upon the balanced state of these element-driven bio-energies.

However, doshas can be understood in two ways:

Dosha as a Function:

As mentioned, each person carries all three doshas or bio-energies which are responsible for a variety of natural bodily functions in relation to their governing natural elements:


-Vata's function is 'motion or circulation', responsible for all voluntary & involuntary movements of the body, from proper breathing & heart rate, and consistent waste removal from the body, to our sense organs & their perception.


-Pitta's function is 'heat or transformation', involved in managing all the conversion & assimilation actions in the body. It is responsible for the digestion of the food we eat, proper metabolic function in different phases, and maintaining body temperature.


-Kapha's function is 'grounding or structure' to provide the body with sustenance & stability. Some of its responsibilities include keeping joints connected & lubricated, and strengthening muscles, while moistening tissues, organs, and other body parts.

Dosha as a Body Type & Season:

Likewise, in Ayurveda, each person's body & health is as unique as a fingerprint, which is infused with a ‘primary dosha’ also called 'body type' and ‘secondary dosha’ which is determined by the strongest ‘seasonal effect’ on one’s health. While growing in our mother's womb, our body type is created all the way down to our physique, digestion, immunity, sleep, temperament, attitude, health issues, and even aging work. Our job is to ensure our diet & lifestyle cater to balancing our primary dosha while being mindful of the effects of our secondary dosha. When it comes to your secondary dosha, think of the season which impacts your health the most, that is most likely what yours is:


-'Vata' is linked with Fall & Early Winter


-'Pitta' is connected to Late Spring & Summer


-'Kapha' is associated with Winter & Early Spring

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