Why Liver Function Is Important And How To Repair & Rejuvenate It

Why Liver Function Is Important And How To Repair & Rejuvenate It

March 26, 2023

One can actually live better by being kinder to their liver, here’s how.

For starters,

‘Do you know why our liver function is the key to living a better life?’

Our liver is one of the body’s key players for detoxification and breaking down essential micronutrients required for our body to run unencumbered. Healthy liver function guarantees the seamless performance of our digestion and immune system which in turn ensures a steady flow of energy, inflammation control, stress resistance, and overall resilience.


What Weakens Our Liver Function?

A diet filled with heavy, greasy, salty, processed, high carb-ridden food, habitual alcohol consumption, some specific medications, low water consumption, food additives & preservatives, pesticides from unwashed produce, a low-fiber diet, a lack of exercise, and high-functioning lifestyle can collectively deplete your liver enzymes and wear it down in no time. Just the way an overworked machine begins to heat up, in Ayurveda, classic patterns of liver function disruption includes the overproduction of heat. This is because the number of toxins and chemicals ingested exceeds the liver enzyme’s processing capacity, which is further magnified if there is a dearth of vital nutritional and physical support. As the liver swelters and fails to keep up with the number of toxins entering your system, it starts to slump and related side effects start to surface.


What Happens When Liver Functions Are Disrupted?

When our liver function is disrupted, the toxins from our food, medicines, water, and air begin to take shelter in the body, multiply, and accumulate. With the liver left overburdened, its indisposition leaves these toxins unchecked which creates an ideal breeding ground for diseases and inflammation. As they expand outside of the liver enzymes purview, you would soon notice signs of chronic fatigue, a sluggish gut, impacted bowels inducing piles and constipation, odd pain or discomfort, swelling, bouts of anger, mental exhaustion, amassed waste in the kidneys, gallbladder stones, cysts, skin issues, menstrual dysfunction in women, among others, with chronic cases resulting in hepatitis, cirrhosis, aggression, and jaundice.

What Can You Do To Help Your Liver Feel Alive Again?

To help your liver carry out its job effectively, here are a few simple things anyone can do.

⚗️Drive Out Toxins

The first order of business is to - detox the liver. Drink lots of clean water, green tea, or coffee, go on a juice fast, start your day with ginger and lemon water, and take liver-loving herbal supplements such as Athreya’s Healthy Liver. Athreya's Healthy Liver comprises a unique combination of powerful, bitter Ayurvedic herbs reputed for natural liver enzyme healing. Its hero herbs include Kutki, a renowned liver function panacea for thorough toxin purging and diffusing heat build-up, and Bhumiamalaki for healthy bile flow, gallbladder support, and stable fat metabolism. Healthy Liver also harnesses the powers of other herbs like Bhringraj and Bhunimba which neutralize harmful chemicals, promote uterine health, fizzle out inflammation, rejuvenate liver function, and improve overall strength and vitality.

*How to Consume: Take around 1-2 capsules twice daily with water as part of a 6-week detox depending on the severity of your liver exhaustion.

🥗Adopt A Liver-Nourishing Diet

image of vegetables and fruits

According to Ayurveda and several research studies, the antioxidants found in bitter-tasting vegetables & herbs, sweet fruits, as well as consuming cooling foods provide ample dietary assistance to enliven your liver enzymes. These include bitter gourd, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, beans, whole grains, amla, neem, and inflammation-fighting turmeric to cleanse toxins without compromising on nutrients. Eat cooked leafy greens such as cabbage, brussels sprouts, amaranth, spinach, kale, and mustard greens to activate the detoxifying liver enzymes. Include mildly sweet-tasting and juicy fruits such as berries, apples, lemons, grapefruit, and veggies like beetroot and carrots to restock your liver enzymes’ micronutrient storehouses and revive its resilience. Lock in moisture and essential fats with fatty fish like salmon, lean protein, walnuts, almonds, avocado, flaxseeds, and nut butters while cooking with coconut or olive oil for overall metabolic protection. Augment nutrition, hydration, and circulation by consuming chia seeds, coconut water, aloe vera juice, oatmeal smoothies, citrus squashes, and buttermilk to cool, cleanse, and recalibrate liver function.

🧘Curb Some & Crank Up Others

Liver with fruits and veggies in it

Reduce further incidences of toxin accumulation by adopting an all-organic lifestyle and consuming whole, natural, and pure foods as much as possible. If not, make sure you wash all your produce thoroughly. Do your best to lower your medicine intake and alcohol consumption as they can severely damage liver function. Slim down your chances of liver disease by going on walks, doing yoga such as Surya Namaskar, practicing tai chi, and focusing on abdominal exercises.

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